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Semiprecious Gemstone Jewelry

On this page, luscious golden yellow CITRINE, and Citrine teamed with dark and lavender AMETHYST and GREEN GARNETS.

A beautiful selection of necklaces by Miriam that gleam in the sunlight and sparkle in candlelight.
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CITRINE is a transparent to translucent quartz that ranges in color from pastel (pale) lemon yellow to a deeper or golden yellow, to amber and a deep reddish brown. The name "Citrine" is derived from the yellow lemon or citron-like color. The International Gemstone Color Association describes this beautiful stone to be “Like golden Rhine wine or sparkling Madeira, heavy and sweet, citrine jewellery shimmers and brings a hint of sunshine to those dull November days.” While the deeper toned Citrines are often called gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, except for the nuances of color, Citrine actually has very little in common with genuine Topaz - which is not quartz, but a higher-quality (and more expensive) clear gemstone.Very pale yellow Citrines are rare; and most commercially available Citrines are actually Amethysts, which are also crystalline quartz, that have been heat-treated. (Heat-treated gemstones are still considered "natural," as no additional color or other substances have been added.)

Citrine Twist


The beautiful color of this Citrine necklace looks even more radiant in the sunlight. Three strands of multi-shaped stones are interspersed with sterling silver accent beads. Each strand has one large focal Citrine measuring one inch, 7/8, and 5/8 inches. Two strands are either diamond or rectangular-shaped Citrines measuring 0.25 inches. The third strand is crafted of wavy Citrines measuring 5/8 x 3/8 and 4/8 inches. The Necklace measures 20 inches. Suggested retail price is $500.


Citrine Twist $380


Citrine Sparkling Nuggets

Citrine Nugget Necklace with Bronze  Citrine Sparkling Necklace-BronzePendantCloseUpCitrineNeclace-BronzeClaspCloseUp

Sparkling Sunshine is the best way to describe this gorgeous Citrine and Bronze Necklace, which reminds Miriam of the warm golden yellow tones of Autumn.These natural stones are a combination of transparent and translucent, showing varying shades, from clear, to pale yellow and varying degrees of light-to-dark golden amber. The larger stones measure one inch in length, and are approximately 0.25-to-0.5 inches thick.
The bronze scoop-shaped pendant is beautifully textured and measures 2 inches, but approximately 0.25 inches at its widest point.
The icicle-shaped Bronze beads measure one inch in length and approximately 0.25 inches at the widest point.

The beautifully textured Bronze pendant “icicle” and “pyramid” beads, and clasp, are handcrafted.

As it ages, bronze develops a beautiful patina that enhances the individual character of each piece. Miriam used Old World Bronze(TM).

Each Bronze bead is handwrought using an old-world wax method, and a bronze recipe developed by the Charveaux family of metalsmiths in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Full length of the necklace is 20.5 inches, including the beautiful bronze clasp. It is strung on a strong antique metallic brass-colored flexible 49-strand stainless steel wire that is nylon coated. Suggested Retail Price is $487. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS $375

Citrine Sparkling Nuggets $375

Citrine, Green Garnet & Amethyst Beauty

Citrine, Green Garnet & Amethyst Necklace View 1CitrineTwistNecklace

Each sparkling strand of this 3-strand Necklace shows the brilliant, bold and deep colorations of Citrine, Green Garnet and Amethyst, interspersed with decorative sterling silver accent beads. The Necklace may be worn to show each strand separately (left), or twisted (right). Both views are shown above. The Necklace is 19 inches slightly shorter when twisted.

Suggested retail price is $455. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS $325.

Citrine, Green Garnet & Amethyst Beauty $325


Citrine & Cape Amethyst Twist

Citrine and Cape Amethyst Twist Necklace

The more delicate shades of Citrine and Cape Amethyst are combined with Crystal Quartz in this elegant Necklace.

Sterling Silver beads attach the strands to a Sterling Silver S-shaped clasp.The Necklace measures 18 inches. 

Suggested retail price is $259. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS $185.

Citrine & Cape Amethyst $185


Citrine Pendant & Necklace


Three large CITRINES in the faceted abstract-shaped nuggets are the focal point of this 19-inch, three-strand Necklace.

Each of the focal stones measures 0.75 inches and shows rich amber tones. The pendant dangles 1.5 inches. Six smaller (0.5 inch) oblong stones, and 54 pebble-shaped Citrines provide glimmering accents along with generous amounts of sterling silver, and carefully chosen fine glass beading. One of the two strands is crafted from yellow agates. A second yellow agate strand is interspersed with Citrine pebbles. The third strand is composed of Citrine pebbles interspersed with rectangular fine glass - carefully chosen by Miriam to match the Citrine.


Citrine Pendant/Necklace $445


Citrine Petals & Pearl Pendant NecklacePearl Inlay Pendant with Citrine NecklaceCitrine Petal BeadsCitrine Petals & Pearl Pendant Necklace set


The scalloped and petal-shaped Citrines in Miriam's sparkling, delicate necklace show all the varying shades of this beautiful semiprecious gemstone -

from transparent-to-translucent pale yellow, to varying degrees of light-to-dark golden amber.

The pendant is reversible with an inlay of Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone in pale yellow, light and blue gray, and white.

The beautifully cut segments glow like the finest pearls, as shown in the close-up photo.

The inlay was handcrafted by Kelly Charveaux, who is internationally acclaimed for her fine work.

Miriam set the pendant off-center, so it catches the light whichever way you turn!

Full length of the necklace is 18 inches, including the romantically swirled sterling silver clasp.

The Citrines measure 0.5 to 5/8 inches long and are approximately 0.5 inches wide.

The petal-shaped stones are interspersed with sterling silver accent beads.

Necklace is strung on flexible stainless steel beading wire that is nylon coated.

Suggested retail price is $570. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS $285.


Citrine and Pearl $285

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We have tried as best possible to describe each item in great detail, and to take accurate photos to show the sizes, shapes and natural colorations of the stones and beading. Some photos are enlarged to show details of the stones, beading and silver components. If you have questions about a particular stone shape, size or coloration, please email before you order. Miriam will be happy to answer your questions personally. (Note: Earrings are priced for pierced ears. Clip-on Earrings are available only by special order. Pricing on request.)

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