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Semiprecious Gemstone Jewelry

On this page, the lilac and purple flames of natural CHAROITE are particularly vivid in the stones Miriam selected for her collection.

Miriam also combined CHAROITE with AMETHYST to create several stunning designs.

Please be sure to scroll down the page to see them all... And there are more to come...



Charoite is a newer semi-precious gemstone from Russia that was discovered around 1978 near the Charo River in the Murun Mountains in Yakutia (Siberia). The color of this unusual gemstone ranges from opaque lilac to a deep violet. A natural swirling and fibrous pattern of white and black strands characterize this unique stone. Some Charoite, like the stones in Miriam’s Charoite jewelry, exhibit striking flame patterns. Miriam’s beads were purchased years ago, when the quality of the Charoite “flames” was at its peak – with rich lilac to violet colorations and a vivid pearl-like chatoyant glow. More recently mined stones, while still pretty, have more quartz in them and less of the flaming purple. (A similar flame-like pattern is shown in Green Seraphinite, which is also mined in Siberia.)

Lilac Charoite Chunky Nugget & Sterling Silver Necklace


This exquisite necklace shows all the vibrant features of Charoite - with a gorgeous range of lilacs and violets, and the flaming chatoyancy, that characterize this unique gemstone.

Total length of the necklace is 17 inches including the clasp. It weighs a full six ounces.

The twelve Charoite Chunky Nuggets range from one in to ¾ inches and are approximately 0.50 inches thick.

The two hammered sterling silver puffed rectangles are approximately 0.75 inches long and 0.25 inches square.

All the round and rondelle accent beads are sterling silver.

Suggested Retail Price is $820. Your Online Price is $595


LilacCharoiteNecklace $595

Charoite-Silver Pendant

The lavenders in this Charoite Pendant are just gorgeous! The Pendant is 1.5 x 1-1/8 inches. The modernistic Silver-beaded bale was also designed and crafted by Miriam. Suggested Retail Price is $325. Your Online Price $250.

Matching custom-designed earrings are available by special order. Email Miriam for information.

Charoite Pendant $250

Amethyst & Glass Multi-Strand Necklace SOLD

Shown with the Charoite-Silver Pendant, this delicate Necklace has six strands, including one strand of pale lavender Amethyst beads. Accents are Sterling Silver. The Necklace is 23 inches long and lightweight. Necklace priced at $150.
SOLD - Watch this space for a new Amethyst necklace, custom designed for the Charoite Pendant!


Amethyst & Glass Necklace $150

Charoite Marquise with Amethyst Rondelles & Rounds and Sterling Silver Accents

A stunning marquise-shaped Charoite Pendant blends beautifully with the delicate Amethyst & Sterling Silver Necklace designed by Miriam. The Pendant stone measures 1-1/8 x 7/8 inches. The Necklace is 18 inches long and has a delicate clasp with a lovely Carved Flower Design.

Suggested Retail Price is $350. Your Online Price is $250.

Charoite Marquise/Amethyst Nugget Necklace $250

Charoite Marquise with Amethyst Nugget & Rondelle Necklace

The flame-like pattern of this large Marquis Charoite swirls and swirls! The focal stone is set off by Sterling Silver beads that match the beading on the clasp. The Necklace is composed of Amethyst Nuggets and Amethyst Rondelles. The focal stone is 1.75 x 1-3/8 inches. The Necklace is 23 inches.

Suggested Retail Price is $525. Your Online Price is $375.

Charoite Marquise with Amethyst Nugget & Rondelle Necklace $375

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We have tried as best possible to describe each item in great detail, and to take accurate photos to show the sizes, shapes and natural colorations of the stones and beading. Some photos are enlarged to show details of the stones, beading and Silver components. If you have questions about a particular stone shape, size or coloration, please email before you order. Miriam will be happy to answer your questions personally. (Note: Earrings are priced for pierced ears. Clip-on Earrings are available only by special order. Pricing on request.)

On-line orders require a credit card. We take PayPal for fast, easy and secure transactions.

"Simply Elegant!" Silver Jewelry...

Semiprecious Gemstone Necklaces, Pendants & Earrings - All less than $200.


Miriam will Custom-Design spectacular gemstone jewelry just for you!
Ordering your Miriam jewelry is easy. In fact - it's fun!

Using photos provided by Miriam,
you choose a centerpiece stone from Miriam's extraordinary collection
of hand-selected gemstones.
Miriam does the rest ... Working her magic to create YOUR Custom-Designed jewelry.
For details, email Miriam:


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