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JASPERS are opaque stones that are found in a variety of colors and patterns. AGATES are a combination of opaque, translucent-to-transparent stones.

They can be orbicular, Like Ocean, Leopardskin, and Rainforest Jasper...

Spotted like Dalmatian Jasper... Striped and banded like Silvermist, Silversmoke, and SilverLeaf Jasper...

Beautiful desert and mountain scenes like Landscape or Brown Picture Jasper, Peruvian Turquoise, African, and Owyhee Jasper...

Lovely waves of color as shown in Blue Lace Agate and Botswana Agate.

And so any more varieties. Each Jasper and Agate bead chosen by Miriam displays a unique and intricate pattern that may include

white, dark brown to beige and tan, green, mauve, pink, red, black, golden yellow, and from deep green to teal and blue-green...

All colors created by nature that are characteristic of these beautiful and interesting stones.

Please scroll down this page to see the beautiful varieties of MULTICOLOR JASPERS AND AGATES Miriam chose for her designs.


MultiColor Picture Jasper Rectangles with Sterling Silver Ring

Multicolor picture jasper with sterling silver ring necklaceSterling Silver RingMulticolor jasper beadsMulticolor Picture Jasper Necklace 

Miriam created this fashionable and exotic necklace using natural PICTURE JASPER in multicolored, pillowed rectangular stones.

Mauve to deep purple. Beige, tan, brown to reddish brown. Light to charcoal gray. This lovely necklace of natural stones is touched off

by a gently faceted Red Flower Jasper stone at each end - and inside the sterling silver ring. The silver ring is set to the side to add additional interest.

- Necklace length is 17.5 inches, including the textured sterling silver clasp.

- The puffed picture jasper rectangles are one inch long and 5/8 inches wide.

- The sterling silver ring is hollow and measures approximately 5/8 inches (outside diameter). The inside diameter is approxiately 0.5 inches.

- All accent beads are sterling silver rondelles.

Suggested retail price is $252. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS $175.


Multi-Color Picture Jasper Necklace $175


Mexican Laguna Agate and Bronze Artistic Necklace


Mexican Laguna Agate is a hybrid of Crazy Lace Age and Laguna Agate, and a variety of Mexican Crazy Lace Agate.

It is distinguished from its Crazy Lace relatives by its darker color palette.

Crazy lace agate also occurs in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Other varieties are Bubble Lace, Cactus Lace, Chinese Writing Lace, Day and Night Lace, Dog Tooth Lace,

Fine Line Lace, Noriega Lace, Victors Lace, Zebra Lace and many others.

Some pieces have bands that change colors mid-pattern.

(Blue, Purple and other “colored” Crazy lace agates, while still beautiful, are dyed. Miriam does not use dyed stones in her designs).

This colorful and exotic necklace is composed of Natural Mexican Laguna Agate,

which is known for its tight banding and swirls, and its vibrant and deep hues of red, bugundy, soft mauves and grays,

and golden yellow ochre. The gorgeous stones in this necklace were mined

about 150 miles south of the American-Mexico border in the state of Chihauhua.

- Length of the necklace is 20.75 inches (including the textured Old World BronzeTM clasp).

- The round Mexican Laguna Agate stones are 16mm and 14mm.

- The "pumpkin-shaped," colorful Mexican Craxy Lace Agates are 9mm x 12mm.

- The Old World BronzeTM accent beads are beautifully textured.

- The small corrugated beads at each end of the necklaces are antiqud gold-plated brass.

The necklace is strung on a strong, but flexible, 0.024-in 49-strand, metallic bronze nylon covered stainless steel beading wire.



Or you may purchase this product TODAY from our Etsy shop by clicking here.


Matching Earrings and Bracelets, and Laguna Lace Pendants are also available by Custom Order.

Email Miriam for details and an estimate.








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Can you tell the difference between Jaspers, Agates and Chalcedony?

The primary difference is in their diaphaneity - or how easily light passes through a material.

There are three general levels of diaphaneity: Transparent (light and images pass through), Translucent (light passes through), and Opaque or solid (no light passes through).

Natural Jasper is opaque, while Agates may show both translucent and transparent areas, as well as more solid areas.

Simply put, if you put light behind a stone and can see through it, then it is an Agate. If the light does not shine through the stone, it is a Jasper.

Sounds simple enough, BUT the difference between Jaspers and Agates is not always straightforward.

Both Agates and Jaspers are comprised of QUARTZ, which is one of the most common minerals on our plants.

Quartz is comprised of two major types of crystals: macrocrystalline (large crystal) and cryptocrystalline (small crystal). Some small crystal quartz are called CHALCEDONY.

When Chalcedony is concentrically banded, it is called an Agate (probably because you can see some solid bands in addition to translucent and transparent bands).

For example, Blue Lace Agate is a small crystal Chalcedony. It has both translucent and solid banding.

Examples of large crystal Chalcedony, which are clear (and not banded) are Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine - and are not considered Jaspers nor Agates.

The IMPERIAL JASPER stones used in Miriam's Imperial Jasper jewelry has areas of translucent banding (like an Agate).

Its patterns are much less regular and defined than those of the other Chalcedony varieties, like Blue Lace Agate.

Miriam designs all her Semiprecious Gemstone jewelry to accentuate the natural features of each stone's natural color and texture.







We have tried as best possible to describe each item in great detail, and to take accurate photos to show the sizes, shapes and natural colorations of the stones and beading. Some photos are enlarged to show details of the stones, beading and silver components. If you have questions about a particular stone shape, size or coloration, please email before you order. Miriam will be happy to answer your questions personally. (Note: Earrings are priced for pierced ears. Clip-on Earrings are available only by special order. Pricing on request.)

On-line orders require a credit card. We take PayPal for fast, easy and secure transactions.

"Simply Elegant!" Silver Jewelry...

Semiprecious Gemstone Necklaces, Pendants & Earrings - All less than $200.


Miriam will Custom-Design spectacular gemstone jewelry just for you!
Ordering your Miriam jewelry is easy. In fact - it's fun!

Using photos provided by Miriam,
you choose a centerpiece stone from Miriam's extraordinary collection
of hand-selected gemstones.
Miriam does the rest ... Working her magic to create YOUR Custom-Designed jewelry.
For details, email Miriam:



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