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Semiprecious Gemstone Jewelry

On this page, the soft gleam of PEARLS - Necklaces and Earrings in a variety of shapes and designs.

The Gemological Institute of America Inc (GIA) calls pearls the best-loved gems of all time. The most familiar colors are white and cream (a light yellowish brown).

Black, gray, and silver are also common, but the range of pearl colors extends to every hue. The main color, or body color, is often modified by additional colors called overtones, which are typically pink or rosé. Some pearls also show an iridescent quality phenomenon known as "Orient."



As its name implies, MOTHER-OF-PEARL is the inner or “mother” layer of the shell in which a pearl is formed – the genesis material that binds microcrystals to form natural and cultured pearls. The beautiful luster and iridescent play of color can range from white, to pink, lavender, golden amber and even a dark blue-green - which is seen in the Mother-of-Pearl from the Paua shells in New Zealand. Paua shell Mother-of-Pearl is also called “sea opal” because of its vivid color effects and striking iridescence.



The Mother-of-Pearl in this luxurious necklace has a white-to-silver sheen that also exhibits a pink and lavender iridescent luster in the sunlight. The luster is made even more vivid by the careful diagonal carving on both sides of these rectangular-shaped pearls. Each Pearl is 0.75 x 0.5 inches. The full necklace is 18 inches, plus the pendant – which measures 1.5 inches. Accenting the rectangular pearls are round shell and sterling silver beads. The delicate sterling flower bail matches the clasp. The earrings dangle approximately one inch from the sterling silver lever-backed earwires. The Earrings are accented with clear oval Czech crystals that are highly polished and beautifully faceted to catch the sunlight or candlelight! Matching earrings dangle approximately one inch from sterling silver earwires.


Mother-of-Pearl Carved Rectangle Necklace $300

Mother-of-Pearl Carved Rectangle Earrings $140

Special Value Set
Mother-of-Pearl Carved Rectangle Necklace/Earrings $390


Natural MOTHER-OF-PEARL in teardrop “chunks” form a glistening and bold statement with the entire beautiful rainbow luster for which this pearl is known.

The predominant colortone is a shimmering golden gray-brown. The perfectly matching feather-shaped MOP focal bead is accented by Silver beads with a modern carved design. The Silver hook-shaped clasp is also carved in a complimentary design.

Weighing in at one-half pound, this is a Necklace for the woman who wants attention!

Each Teardrop MOP is at least .25 inches thick and 0.75 inches long. The Pendant shell is 0.75 inches wide at its center and 2.25 inches long.

The full length of the Necklace is 20 inches.

Suggested retail price is $250. YOUR ONLINE PRICE IS ONLY $200.

SALE MOP Chunky Necklace - $200





Oval Mother-of-Pearls are Petal-shaped, and cut out in the center – where Miriam placed an oval “potato-shaped” Pearl in the Pendant. The highly faceted crystals used in the double-stranded Necklace display lavender and golden highlights that match the iridescent luster of the Petal Pearls. The Necklace also includes both oval and round Pearls, in addition to fine glass and sterling silver beading. Each “Petal” is approximately one-inch long, and 0.75 inches wide. Thickness varies gently from 1/16th to 1/8-inch around the gentle curves of each Pearl. The “cut-out” center is approximately 0.5 inches. The necklace is 18 inches long. The Pendant 2.5 inches, including the beautifully carved flower bail – which matches the Necklace clasp.  Matching earrings dangle approximately 1.25 inches from sterling silver lever-backed earwires.


Mother-of-Pearl Petal Necklace $350

Mother-of-Pearl Petal Earrings $150

Special Value Set
Mother-of-Pearl Petal Necklace/Earrings $450

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We have tried as best possible to describe each item in great detail, and to take accurate photos to show the sizes, shapes and natural colorations of the stones and beading. Some photos are enlarged to show details of the stones, beading and silver components. If you have questions about a particular stone shape, size or coloration, please email before you order. Miriam will be happy to answer your questions personally. (Note: Earrings are priced for pierced ears. Clip-on Earrings are available only by special order. Pricing on request.)

On-line orders require a credit card. We take PayPal for fast, easy and secure transactions.

"Simply Elegant!" Silver Jewelry...

Semiprecious Gemstone Necklaces, Pendants & Earrings - All less than $200.


Miriam will Custom-Design spectacular gemstone jewelry just for you!
Ordering your Miriam jewelry is easy. In fact - it's fun!

Using photos provided by Miriam,
you choose a centerpiece stone from Miriam's extraordinary collection
of hand-selected gemstones.
Miriam does the rest ... Working her magic to create YOUR Custom-Designed jewelry.
For details, email Miriam:


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