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Art Glass Pendants

Miriam sorts through hundreds of beads at art fairs and bead shows to find amazing Glass Beads made by
artisans from around the world ... Then she creates just the right design to compliment the beautiful shapes and colors of only the most striking beads. Like all Miriam’s Designer Jewelry, Sterling Silver is used to accent her designs. Below are Miriam’s featured selections...


Murano-Style Glass Pendants & Matching Necklaces

Murano or Venetian glass originated from the island of Murano, off the coast of Venice. The glass is typically 70 percent sand and 30 percent other substances including silica, which turns to liquid at a very high temperature. Genuine Murano glass is very expensive. The Murano-Style Glass Focal Beads Miriam found are created and designed in the Murano style, but may be made in Venice or even China, so are much more affordable – and just as beautiful. Although the pattern and colors may be similar in some pendants, it’s Miriam’s creative use of sterling silver and gold-filled wire that results in truly unique and eye-catching designs. Miriam then crafts necklaces to match, using a combination of materials including fine glass beads, pearls and Swarovksi Crystal Pearls.


Copper & Bronze Leaf Pendant with Necklace — SOLD


The delicate beaded and Sterling Silver Swirling Vine add an interesting touch to this shimmering leaf-shaped glass focal bead.

Miriam carefully chose the beads to accent this beautiful attention-getting pendant. The 5-strand Necklace The Necklace blends all the rich shades of copper, bronze, and golden yellow. It includes one strand of Copper-colored Swarvorski Crystal Pearls, a strand of bronze beads from Africa, and copper, bronze, and deep golden yellow glass. The silver accents on the Necklace also have a vine-shaped theme.

The Pendant, including bale, measures 3.5 (focal bead is 2 x 1.5 inches).

The Necklace measures 21.5 inches, and may be worn separately or with a different pendant.

The Special Value Price of the set is $185 — SOLD

Copper/Bronze Leaf Set - $185


Copper, Lime Green & Blue Pendant with Necklace



The rainbow twists of bright blues, lime green and copper match the delicate shape of the Sterling Silver Clasp on this beautiful glass pendant.

Sterling Silver Swirls add to the design - which reminded Miriam of raindrops gently swirling down a window.

Miriam selected five varieties of glass beads - in the perfect shades of green - to craft the Necklace, which may be worn separately or with another Pendant.

The Pendant measures 2.75 x 1 inches, and the 5-strand Necklace measures 22 inches.

The Special Value Price of the set is $185.

Copper/Lime Raindrop Set - $185

Amber & Bronze Teardrop Swirl Pendant - SOLD

Miriam’s Signature Swirl accents this romantic Pendant.

This translucent pendant has shimmering metallic shades of silver, brass and copper –

combined with a black, amber and deep brownish-red.

The teardrop focal bead measures 2.5 x 1.25; the full pendant measures 3 x 1.25.

Pendant is priced at $50.

Amber/Bronze Raindrop Swirl Pendant - $50 - SOLD

Russet-Red, Green and Copper Spiral Pendant - SOLD

Spiraling waves of Russet-Red, Green, Copper and Black, and Miriam’s Signature Sterling Silver Swirls,

combine to form an eye-catching Pendant!

The glass focal bead is 2.25 x 1.25 inches, and the full length of the pendant is 3.5 inches.

Pendant is priced at $75.

Russet-Red Spiral Pendant - $75 - SOLD

Watch this space for a new Lime Green Twist Glass Pendant and Necklace. For a preview, Email


Antique Copper/Glass Beaded Necklace


Six strands of various size and shape glass beads create a necklace that blends sparkling tones of rusty reds, bronze, light and deep golden ambers, and bronze.

The hammered Sterling Silver Cones are an artistic compliment to the varied shaped antique copper glass beads.

Necklace length is 23 inches, and may be worn separately or with another Pendant.

Price of the necklace is $185.

Antique Copper/Glass Beaded Necklace - $185

Five-Strand Glass Beaded Necklace


Five strands of elegant glass beads create a rich combination of colors. Bronze, silver, deep maroon, amber, russet-red, and browns

—and the special touch of Swarovski Antique Brass Crystal Pearls—make this shimmer in the sunlight.

The Pendant is 4.5 x 1.5 inches. Necklace length is 21 inches, and may be worn separately, or with a different pendant.

The Price of the necklace is $185.

Antique Brass/Glass Beaded Necklace - $185

The delicate perfection of nature is seen in the BOROSILICATE GLASS “GINGKO LEAF” BEADS Miriam used to create these Pendants with matching beaded necklaces. The Ginkgo leaf is from an ancient ornamental tree called a Ginkgo Biloba, which is a living fossil dating back more than 200 years. Extinct in most of the world, it survived in China, became known to Europeans in the eighteenth century, and later throughout the Western world. It was introduced to America in 1784. Ginkgo is a phonetic pronunciation of the Japanese name for the tree, and the species name biloba refers to the distinct lobes typical of the leaves - and shown so beautifully in these beads. Borosilicate Glass is a unique and specialized variety of glass that is stronger than the softer glass typically used to make beads. It is highly resistant to chemicals and to the effects of the natural acids found on human skin and in many skin care lotions.



The YELLOW GINGKO LEAF PENDANT measures 3 x 2 inches and is accented by Miriam's double-twisted Sterling Silver swirl. Matching Earring Beads are one inch, and drape delicately from a 0.75-inch Sterling Silver wire hoop. The Yellow Glass & Sterling Silver Necklace has five strands of yellow and amber glass beads and measures a generous 26 inches. Pendant ($165), Necklace ($135). EARRINGS HAVE BEEN SOLD.


Yellow Gingko Pendant - $165

Yellow Gingko Necklace - $135

Yellow Gingko Earrings - $75 - SOLD

Yellow Gingko Special Value Set - $300



The RED-AMBER GINGKO LEAF PENDANT measures 3 x 2 inches and is accented by Miriam's new Spiral Sterling Silver Swirl. The Red-Amber Glass & Sterling Silver Necklace has five strands of glass beads and measures 23 inches. Pendant ($165) & Necklace ($135) are sold separately. Buy the Set for the Special Value Price of $250.


Red-Amber Gingko Pendant - $165

Red-Amber Gingko Necklace - $135

Special Value Set
Red-Amber Gingko Special Value Set - $250




Rainbow GLASS LILIES in Amber, Blue and Coral. Miriam designed unique Pendants and Necklaces using fine glass and Sterling Silver to create the stamens and perfectly matching glass beaded necklaces.

The Blue Lily shown here is sold - BUT Miriam has several more Blue and Blue-Green Lilies just waiting to be beaded! For photos - and to choose your special Lily, email

Left to Right:
The "Amber" Lily is 3.25 inches.
The "Blue" Lily is 3.5 inches. SOLD
The "Coral" Lilly is 3 inches.

The 21-inch Glass Beaded Necklaces each have 4 strands. The Necklaces & Pendants are sold separately.
The Lily Pendants are $165 each. The Necklaces are $50.


Select your Lily Pendant Color - $165


Select your Lily Necklace Color - $50



Miriam has two more outstanding Blue-Green Lilies, each one distinctive in its pattern and shades - and ready to custom-design into a pendant just for you! Email for information. Please put 'Lily' in the subject line.


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