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About Miriam's Designer Jewelry

Natural Semiprecious Gemstones each have a unique combination of pattern, texture, transparency and color - even when they belong to the same rock or mineral family - and even when cut from the same larger stone. A single stone source, for example, may include a combination of minerals with different colors, tones and textures. Because natural stone is not a sterile gem quality, it sometimes shows the rough and scarred appearance that results from the adverse climatic conditions under which it was created. This is a beautiful feature of natural stone.

Exquisite colors, crystalline structures, luster and the play of light, natural inclusions (crystals or fragments of other substances), streaks and markings...all reflect the continuous evolution of the Earth over hundreds and thousands of years. Some natural gemstones are heat-treated or enhanced for clarity. A natural gemstone that is enhanced is still considered a "natural gemstone."

It is the unique characteristics of each stone, combined with Miriam's creative style that makes her jewelry so extraordinary.

Art Glass and Ceramic Centerpiece Beads also have individual qualities of pattern and color that vary from bead-to-bead. Glass and ceramic beads are made all over the world, many by hand. This often means there might be irregularities in shape and color that only add to the beauty of each piece. While the same or similar glass, sterling silver and other accent beads may be used in more than one pendant - Miriam varies the design of each pendant to craft an exceptional work of art.

And don't forget....All Miriam's Designer Jewelry comes tucked inside an organza & ribbon drawstring pouch, and packaged in a gift box - Ready for you to wear, or to give as a special gift.


The same quality of creative design is seen in Miriam's beaded pens, bookmarks, letter openers and keyrings. The colors may be similar, but the combinations of beads, textures, patterns and materials are always different.

"Simply Elegant!" Silver Jewelry...

Semiprecious Gemstone Necklaces, Pendants & Earrings - All less than $200.


Miriam will Custom-Design spectacular gemstone jewelry just for you!
Ordering your Miriam jewelry is easy. In fact - it's fun!

Using photos provided by Miriam,
you choose a centerpiece stone from Miriam's extraordinary collection
of hand-selected gemstones.
Miriam does the rest ... Working her magic to create YOUR Custom-Designed jewelry.
For details, email Miriam:


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