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carved pewter bookmarks with beads

carved pewter bookmarks with beads

Bring special moments of beauty to your reading experience with these unique and collectable

carved pewter bookmarkers ~ Intricately carved on front and back ~ Adorned with custom-beading by Miriam.

Use them to mark the pages of novels, and cookbooks... Your personal journal or bible... Magazines and textbooks.

These carved pewter bookmarkers* are true keepsakes.


                                                 GENTLE DOLPHINS                    FLUTTERING HUMMINGBIRDS                       DIVING MERMAIDS                                  DELICATE HANDS                         PLAIN & GRACEFUL                        PROUD STALLIONS

*The carved pewter bookmarkers were created and forged in America by the Burgard Studio in Albuquerque, NM.

They are no longer being manufactured and are part of Miriam's private collection.




carved pewter bookmarks with beads
carved pewter bookmarks with beads
carved pewter bookmarks with beads
carved pewter bookmarks with beads

Some are bold.... Others are romantic and delicate. Each bookmark is unique....Buy one...Buy several... These one-of-a-kind bookmarks make great gifts! Just imagine what a nice surprise it will be to find one of these unique bookmarks tucked inside a book given as a gift. Choose from a variety of carved pewter handles to mark the page, with beads delicately draped down the spine of the book.... Beads and charms include ceramic, plastic, metal, natural stone and glass...Some are modern...Others are vintage. Semiprecious gemstone beading is also available!


Books take us to far off places. Books teach us about the wonders and peoples of the world.

Books help us see into the minds and imaginations of thousand and thousands of authors.

Books teach us so much. Books record our history for generations - and perhaps for worlds to come.

Books comfort us in times of woe, times of delight.

Books awaken our memories of days gone by and prepare us for the future.

Books are love… Books explain who we were, who we are, who we hope to be…

Read to your children, read with your lovers, read by yourself… JUST KEEP READING...

Mark your page with a carved pewter and beaded bookmarker ~ Designed by Miriam just for you!



The photo below shows the carved patterns currently available in Miriam’s pewter collection. Choose your favorite carved pattern, bead style and color from the drop-down menus below ~ and Miriam will create a Custom Design just for you!


(Left to Right) Luxurious in its simplicity, a PLAIN sleek design in silver or gold is perfect for the discriminating reader. A delicate HAND marks a new day in the diary or journal used to record all your dreams, hopes and experiences. Fresh-picked ROSES bring the beauty of nature to your reading experience. A HUMMINGBIRD flutters its wings as it sips the sweet nectar from a freshly bloomed flower. An elusive, mythical MERMAID splashes into the ocean – While a graceful DOLPHIN leaps over the waves. A proud STALLION is ready to hold your choice of natural stone, glass or pewter beads in colors reminiscent of an early morning on the ranch. FLOWERS on a vine of leaves are ready to hold a bouquet of beads sparkling with the morning dew. A stately DRAGON in gold or silver bows over the spine of a book, boldly reminding the reader where to begin a new chapter. Bookmarks are priced at $20 and $25 dollars each, depending on the carved pattern. Semiprecious beading is also available - priced at $36 each.


Choose your bookmark pattern from the following carved styles:

Dragon (in silver), Flower, Roses, Hand, and Plain (in silver). Priced at $20 each.
Select your Carved Pattern:
Select your Signature Style:
Select your Dominant Bead Color:

Dragon (gold), Stallion, Dolphin, Mermaid, Hummingbird. Priced at $25.
Select your Carved Pattern:
Select your Signature Style:
Select your Dominant Bead Color:

Bookmarks with SEMIPRECIOUS GEMSTONE BEADING are also available at $36 each.

Choose your colortone below, from the special drop-down menu, and Miriam will craft your bookmark.

Natural stones vary in shades and all stones show patterns created by Nature - so the colortone you select will be the dominant shade.

For example: Whitetones may include some black or grey - Blacktones may show glimmers of blue, rust or brown - Bluetones may be light or dark blue, and show some white or black - Peachtones may include deeper reds or oranges - Greentones may have white, brown, blue-green or orange colorations - Earthtones may be variations of grey, black, brown, taupe and rusty red – some have splashes of green. Stones include agates and jaspers of all varieties. If you have any questions about available stones, please email before you order, and Miriam will email you a photo of the available stones in her current collection.


Dragon (silver or gold), Flower, Roses, Hand, Plain (silver or gold), Stallion, Dolphin, Mermaid, Hummingbird. Priced at $36.
Select your Carved Pattern:
Select your Dominant Bead Color:




Shown above are examples of Miriam's One-of-Kind Custom Beaded designs created for her customers:

(L-R) Silver Metal Pen and "Hand" Bookmark in Blue & Green "Elegance"- A high school graduation gift for a young woman going off to college.

Silver-Plated Letter Opener with Matching "Flower" and "Plain" Bookmarkers in Blue "Elegance" - A Wedding gift for a bride & groom.

Semi-Precious Rhodonite "Roses" Bookmarker - A 90th birthday gift for a very special Aunt.

Silver Metal Pen and "Hand" Bookmarker in Pink "Elegance" - A Birthday gift for a friend who loves all things Pink.


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All beaded products are made-to-order using a variety of quality materials. Bead materials, patterns, sizes and shapes and some colorations may vary slightly from web site photos. We do our best to accurately describe and photograph each sample. While the same beads and colors may be used, unless specifically noted, Miriam designs each product as a one-of-a-kind work of art.

All Moonbeams products are beautifully packaged in complimentary gift boxes. Special packaging for specific products are noted.

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